Emily, Founder

Emily is an ambitious entrepreneur who is demonstrating that at any age you should go after your dreams. She has granted three degrees from Queen’s College, two bachelors degrees in Economics and Psychology and an associates degree in Liberal Arts & Business. At a young age, Emily established her love for entrepreneurship and charity work. She spent the majority of her childhood selling the ‘newest’ Crayola collection to her classmates, participating in yard sales and donating her time and money to various charities in the United States. Giving back to those in need is what she has been doing for years!

Since the age of 17, Emily has been working for brands specifically in the fashion and beauty industry. Her first job was at Aerie: American Eagle located in Times Square, New York; there she met the founder of popular beauty brand ‘Nude Stix,’ Taylor Frankel. Emily was fascinated with Taylor’s story and couldn’t believe a 17-year-old started a million dollar business with the help of her mother and younger sister. This motivated her to work harder and save up for her ultimate dream of starting a company on her own.

Emily gained her wisdom in marketing from her degree in Economics and her previous clients, working and collaborating as a visual marketing editor for varies New York City’s beauty salons, local artist and shops. Her clientele work came to a halt when Emily fainted and had a traumatic injury to her face. She suffered minor nerve damage to her lip that lasted up to a year and broke key facial bones. This injury spiraled into a depression for Emily, not only did she not look the same but she did not feel the same. In her attempt to cover up her scars and mask the daily swelling, she once again turned to the beauty industry. Due to microtears in her skin, she started getting physically sick and would break out from the cosmetic products she was using. It wasn’t until she switched to all-natural and non-toxic formulated products, she started to heal.

Emily believes her past experiences is what groomed her to start her cosmetic and skincare brand “Originated.” Her past has taught her “Beauty is Therapeutic” which is now the brand’s mission statement. Emily has promised to not stray away from her humble beginnings and makes sure that some proceeds are donated in her effort to spread awareness on the importance of mental health. Emily is known as someone who puts others first, she wants the best for her customers. That is why the majority of her products are made in the United States and overseas. Emily uses the same manufacturers as Estee Lauder, Neutrogena, L’Oreal and other prestigious brands. By supporting Originated, you are not only purchasing quality products but you are helping aid mental health victims and believing our mission that beauty can be therapeutic.