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Synthetic fiber pollution is the 2nd largest harmful pollutant to our environment. Some synthetic fibers derived from chemicals that are processed from plastic and made into garments and cosmetic brushes. When washed, extremely tiny fibers are openly let out into our waterways and ecosystems. Plants can not filter these types of fibers.  take decades, even hundreds of years to break down in our environment. Thus, creating an uncontrollable pollutant.


At Originated™, we believe we can make a change. We now offer a 12 piece detailed eyeshadow and face brushes that are vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable and not harmful to wildlife or environmental. Our minimal shed-free brushes are travel size friendly, easy to clean and can help you create any detailed eyeshadow look.

12 Piece Detailed Eyeshadow & Face Brushes

SKU: ecofriendly-brushes
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