Luxurious Silk Lashes - Flirt

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  • "Flirt" was custom made and designed by Originated™ CEO, Emily. A wispy set of false lashes, ideal for any day-to-night look. "Flirt" gives off a subtle soft but sexy vibe, making them perfect for any eye shape- including hooded eyes. The creative design of the intertwine 'V' & 'L' shape clusters forms a smooth transition to your natural lashes.


    Originated™ "Luxurious Silk Lashes" collection are 100% animal cruelty free and vegan! "Flirt" is handmade with synthetic fibers that imitates the look of real mink fur. Each pair of our lashes comes in a 50% handworked reusable box to store the lashes. Wear time for our lashes ranges up to 22-25 times with proper care. 


    *Glue not included.* One size only, cut to custom eyelid.

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