Luxurious Silk Lashes - Voluminous

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  • "Voluminous" was custom made and designed by Originated™ CEO, Emily. A less wispy and more volume set of false lashes, ideal for any everyday look. "Voluminous" embodies the illusion of a naturally fuller lash, making them perfect for any eye shape but especially for big eyes and people who don't have a lot of lid space. The creative design of extending the length of each lash forms a smooth transition to your natural lashes when applied.


    Originated™ "Luxurious Silk Lashes" collection are 100% animal cruelty free and vegan! "Voluminous" is handmade with synthetic fibers that imitates the look of real mink fur. Each pair of our lashes comes in a 50% handworked reusable box to store the lashes. Wear time for our lashes ranges up to 22-25 times with proper care. 


    *Glue not included.* One size only, cut to custom eyelid.

  • At Originated™ we understand items can get damaged during transit. Therefore, we only accept exchanges for damaged goods. However, the "Luxurious Silk Lashes" are unlikely to be damaged during transit due to the extra support and care we've spent to ensure it's protection. Our lashes are hand glued into place and then inserted into a customize hard box before being shipped in our customize poly-mailer bag. 

    Due to COVID-19 & for hygienic reasons, we can not accept any returns on any Originated™ lashes. Originated™ reserves the right to refuse any refunds and exchanges at any time. For more information on Originated™ policy, check out the "FAQ" page.

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