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Globally, some of the most well-respected actresses and models that are considered the most "attractive" have bigger foreheads compared to others. A few well-known individuals you might recognize are Tyra Banks, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, and Rachel McAdams.

I believe beauty products were created to help enhance our natural beauty. However, a recent poll revealed that women's biggest insecurities were their foreheads. Therefore, I've provided some useful tips and tricks to help with this issue.

The characteristics of a big forehead consist of high hairlines or low brows. The majority of the time, thinning of the hairline located in the front area can cause a larger forehead as well.

  1. Hair cuts are the easiest way to hide the appearance of a bigger forehead. Shorter layers in the front and adding bangs are recommended by beauty and hairstylist in order to minimize attention from the area. These experts also recommend not to wear your hair up in a sleek, pulled-back style like a ponytail. This will bring attention to your forehead and make the area more noticeable.

  2. A dramatic eye look can divert attention away from the forehead. An attractive eye look and bold lashes can instantaneously create a powerful difference to your face structure. Learn more about beauty tips for your eye shape by reading these articles: How to Determine Your Eye Shape and Understanding "Eye Spacing" & Makeup Tips For More Attractive Eyes.

  3. Apply contour or a slightly darker foundation and remove excess foundation from your baby hairs, hairline, and sideburns. As stated before, a thin hairline can cause your forehead to appear larger. When applying the foundation to the upper corners of your forehead, it can create an illusion of a more pushback hairline. To avoid this, wipe away the foundation from your baby hairs and hairline, also by adding a darker foundation or contour shade establishes a more chiseled forehead. It is advised to pick a matte foundation that is five shades darker than your natural skin tone. Blending the darker tone into your forehead will decrease the appearance of a bigger forehead and also make your face seem less round.

  4. Highlight the center of your forehead. By choosing a shimmery eyeshadow or highlight shade and applying it to the center of your forehead can distract others from your forehead. This tip works best for individuals with wide foreheads.

  5. Lift your eyebrows by creating an arch. Essentially, overdrawing the top of your eyebrows by adding short hair-like strokes can help achieve a thinner and more youthful face.

  6. Tease and add volume to your hair. Adding textures such as waves or curls combine with voluminous hair gives off the impression of a more shrunken forehead. A hairstyle example would be a high bun.

  7. Bold bright lips will distract others from your forehead, leaving you with a more balanced look. The three top shades that are recommended to wear is bright red, berry and coral.

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