Cure Your Acne Using Face Mapping

The concept of 'face mapping' has been apart of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is believed that certain organs in the body that are functioning properly or need a detox can develop problems within the skin, thus resulting in acne. However, there is no real scientific evidence that actually demonstrates this to be true. In spite of this technique not being clinically proven, many have sworn by this method and have even made the claim that studying 'face mapping' has cured their acne, reduced inflammation, and boosted their overall health and wellbeing.

What Your Acne is Trying to Tell You

As seen in this photo created by Naturopathic Beauty, acne that is displayed on certain parts of your face can signify something within is not functioning properly and may need some cleansing.

Forehead Area

This area demonstrates inconsistent sleeping patterns which can lead to stress and underlying issues with inflammation in your lower abdominal area, such as your digestive system and bladder. Some suggestions for curing acne in this area would be to drinks lots of water, consume warm liquids like hot water with lemon, dandelion and green tea, and to also stay away from inflammatory foods, such as dairy, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed meats, and more. Eating foods that cause inflammation can lead to bigger issues down the line besides acne. Healthcare professionals have linked these foods to the development of arthritis, which is when your body is in a constant inflammatory state for periods at a time.

In Between Your Eyebrows

Acne in between your eyebrows can indicate that your liver needs a detox. If you are someone that has a predominant caloric intake of saturated fats, such as fast food, fried food, greasy food, junk food, including sweets, dairy, and alcohol. Experts suggest switching around your normal routine and diet to see if you have anything changes. Start eating more dark leafy greens and exercise two times a day. It has been proven that building up a sweat two times a day, releases toxins from your body and can help with overall acne.

The Chin Area

This area of the face implicates an imbalance of the bacteria in your gut. Definitely taking vitamin A, C & E can help your skin and overall gut health.

Acne on your side chin is known to be correlated with the reproductive organ and kidneys. This issue can lead to hormonal imbalance due to your kidneys working overtime, which can also lead to stress. Some suggestings to help manage your hormonal acne is to avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates, consume healthy fats like fatty fish and by drinking green tea or matcha.


Acne on your nose is linked to cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure. One way to decrease any acne in this area is to are incorporate good fats like nuts, avocado, and fish into your diet. By going natural and getting in riched superfoods with help your overall health.


If you constantly break out on your cheeks, your lungs, respiratory system, and environment can be causing this issue. Besides your diet, allergies, smoking, pollution, and respiratory stress are known to commonly cause acne on your cheeks. A high intake in high in fiber like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains should help.