Understanding "Eye Spacing" & Makeup Tips For More Attractive Eyes

Eye Spacing

Before applying any eye makeup, it is important to determine what eye shape you have. Understanding your eye shape can help you bring out certain features, increasing a seamless and more attractive look. The first step to determining your correct eye shape would be to measure your eyes and identify the distance between your two eyes, this is known as "eye spacing." Normally, the spacing between your two eyes is the measurement of one eye. To calculate the spacing between your eyes, take your thumb and index finger and place it between the two edges of your eyes. After placing your two fingers in the outer and inner corner of your eye, move your fingers and place them in your two tear ducts.

Eye Spacing - How to measure the distance between your two eyes.

The three eye spaces:

1. Average Eye Spacing –  The eyes measures out to be one eye length apart.

2. Close Set Eyes – The distances is shorter and your two fingers touch pass your tear ducts, meaning the eyes measure out to be closer than one eye length apart.

3. Wide Set Eyes – The distances is wider and do not touch your tear ducts, meaning the eyes are spaced further than one eye length apart.

Difference in "Close Set" & "Wide Set" Eyes

Close Set Eyes Makeup Tips:

‣ Because the eyes are close together, a makeup tip to make the eyes seem further apart is to apply a light eyeshadow shade into the inner corners of each eye. This trick also brightens up the eyes and will make you appear more awake.

‣ The second makeup tip would be to apply a darker eyeshadow shade towards the outer corner of the lid. By doing this creates an illusion of a more fuller eye.

‣ For mascara it is recommended to apply more on the outer lashes and less on the inner lashes. This is because it will make your eyes appear more further apart.

‣ A celebrity example who has close set eyes would be Sarah Jessica Parker.

Close Set Eyes Makeup Tips

Wide Set Eyes Makeup Tips:

‣ Wide set eyes is the opposite of close set eyes, therefore, the makeup tips do not apply.  

‣ Wide set eyes are known to be further apart than the rest of the eye shapes. 

‣ You can balance the features of your face by bringing your eyebrows closer together using an eyebrow pencil or pod.

‣ To achieve a more closer eye, apply a light eyeshadow shade in the center of each eyelid and a medium/darker shade in the inner and outer corners of each eyelid. Also, by apply a dull crease color in towards the nose, it can create a narrowing look as well.

‣ By apply thick coats of mascara to the first half of the lashes, this will also make your eyes appear more center to your face.

‣ A celebrity example who has wide set eyes would be Kate Moss.

Wide Set Eyes Makeup Tips


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