How to Apply Lashes

Step by Step Instructional Video:

Beauty equipment you need before getting started:

1. Tweezers

2. Lashes - Originated "Flirt" Silk Lashes ($15)

3. Lash glue

4. Scissors

5. Mirror

Using tweezers to remove lashes

Step 1: Take tweezers and remove the lashes from the side to prevent ripping or damaging the lash.

Lashes with thin or plastic bands that are not coated properly will rip easily. We highly recommend not tugging or pulling lashes from its tray with your hands or tweezers. Gently remove them from one side to the other.

Step 2: After removing the lash, measure it onto your eye. Trim the excess starting from the lash band to your desire length.

Even though some lashes appear to be the right size for your eyes, it is still important to measure the lash to prevent any eye irritation. Place the lash band against your eyelid and trim off the edges that are extending past your lash line. Do not throw away the excess lash pieces. It is recommended to hold onto them and store them to use as lash strips on your eye's outer corners to emphasize and dramatize your eye shape.

Step 3: Apply lash glue to the band and let it dry for 40-50 seconds.

PRO-TIP: Add an extra coat of lash glue to edges of the lash band, the edges tend to lift after a few hours of wear. Make sure the lash glue is tacky and not wet before you apply.

False lashes tend to lift due to poor application techniques. Not applying false lashes properly or with wet glue can not only mess up your eyeshadow look but can also cause eye irritation or an eye infection due to the ingredients in the lash glue.

Step 4: Apply the lash to your lash line. Take your tweezers and press the false lashes against your actual lashes to create a seamless look.

PRO-TIP: Add black eyeliner to your top lash line.

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