How to Get More TikTok Followers in 2021 - Advice From a Beauty Influencer on Being TikTok Famous

There is no doubt that TikTok is the fastest-growing mobile app in 2020. According to 'Apple's Top Chart,' TikTok ranks #2 as the most downloaded free app. Currently beating its competitors Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

TikTok compared to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.
TikTok ranks #2 in the App Store

TikTok originated in China and was developed by a Beijing-based company that was created in 2012 by a Chinese internet entrepreneur, Zhang Yiming. TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service that became available in the United States on August 2, 2018. Within one and a half years, TikTok has accumulated 800 million active monthly users and the TikTok app has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times on the App Store and Google Play worldwide. In the year 2019, TikTok reached 738 million downloads globally. (Sensor Tower, 2019).

Meet Mia Galvan

Currently, if you type in the word "makeup" on TikTok you will find videos of Laura Lee, Manny MUA, James Charles, and Mia Galvan. Mia is a 20-year-old upcoming beauty influencer on the app TikTok she creates content on all things beauty related. With only 93 videos on her account, Mia currently has 38.5k followers and her most popular video on TikTok currently has 1.2 million views.

I wanted to find how Mia was able to rank her videos next to top beauty influencers with millions of followers. I was interested in getting to know Mia Galvan and figuring out what makes her content so likable in the makeup world of social media. Below are some questions I asked her and towards the end of the blog post I will share my tips and trick on how you can grow your TikTok page in 2020 as well.

1. Which platform do you prefer Instagram or TikTok?

- Hard to choose! Each platform is very different and has its own pros and cons! Instagram is more aesthetic, but TikTok is funny and reaches a larger audience. I honestly would have to choose Tiktok, because for what I do, making makeup videos, you have all the tools to make a nice tutorial in the app, rather than using editing software and cameras, all your tools are right there in the app. It is an advantage for people who love making videos.

2. Has your TikTok following lead to any paid sponsorships?

- It has led to many makeup brand opportunities and music artist collaborations, but only some being paid. On average, I receive about 4 emails a week for either free products for content or a paid opportunity to sponsor a song. Most of the time, they mention they came across my TikTok videos and reached out via Instagram. I have a friend who actually is sponsored by a brand that pays him to use his TikTok videos for ads. It is possible.

3. What are your top tips on becoming successful on TikTok?

- Genuinely be you and do what you love. That has been the most powerful thing that I would recommend to anyone wanting to grow their followers on TikTok. Often, your audience can tell if your videos are forced or superficial. Sometimes they may even point it out. But when your videos reflect your music style, your fashion, and your aesthetic, then from an artistic view, there’s harmony. Audiences will want to follow someone if they can see the whole picture, and I truly feel anyone can be successful on Tiktok if they stick to who they really are. Also, another big thing is making videos that inspire other people. If you ever wonder why DIY videos are so successful. It’s because people go backreference to a page, video, or person for inspiration. Whether it's an inspiration to do a dance, makeup looks, sing a song, make a painting, skateboard, do nails. Whatever it may be, make videos that inspire others to do as well!

4. How did you gain your TikTok following?

- I developed my fan base by creating a friendly and welcoming online presence. I try to make everyone feel apart of my little family because without them I would not have the platform I have today. I make my followers feel special by reaching out to them, engaging with everyone as much as I can. My advice is to network, be approachable and inspire them to create as well.

5. How were you able to rank your TikTok videos next to top beauty influencers such as James Charles and Laura Lee?

- Expanding reach is super important! Here are three things I do to increase video rankings on Tiktok and Instagram!

  • Collaborations are key. Working with artists and brands that have more network connections can open doors to the next opportunity, and so on, and so forth.

  • Instantly capture the audience's attention at the very beginning of the video is super important so that they don’t scroll past your video!

  • Building a good reputation consistently and having a strong presence can also catch the attention of a larger audience, thus video rankings will increase!

6. How do you manage to keep up with TikTok standards? Is there something that sets you apart from other 'influencers' on the app?

- The only way I keep up with Tiktok standards is by using trending music and fashion. At the moment, there is nothing that sets me apart (other than sparkles, editorial, soft-girl glam…) but soon there will be! My goal is to branch out to music, fine arts, nails, photography, modeling, and hair!

Advice on How to Grow Your Instagram Page in 2021:

I am thankful Mia Galvan took the time out to answer a few questions. Judging from this interview, I can honestly say Mia is a creative upcoming artist that is very hardworking and passionate. I believe Mia has the characteristics to surpass the goals she has set for herself. I am excited to see where her TikTok journey takes her.

  1. Use hashtags relating to your specific niche. Realistically, if Mia did not use #makeup I wouldn't be writing this blog post. Pro-tip: Use smaller hashtags so your videos can rank higher and companies/influencers can find you.

  2. Gary Vaynerchuk suggests making 4 to 6 TikTok videos a day because not all of your videos will go viral or reach the audience you desire.

  3. If your video has not been seen by another or less than 10 people within the first 10 minutes, it is recommended to delete and re-upload your content for better reach. Use better hashtags.

  4. Use trendy music and post similar content relating to your choice of music.

  5. "Genuinely be you and do what you love. That has been the most powerful thing that I would recommend to anyone wanting to grow their followers on TikTok." Mia's advice demonstrates in order to get started, you need to put yourself out there (which isn't easy). However, if you love making beauty-related content, your account WILL grow over time. You never know who will see your TikTok videos, Mia mentions "most of the time, they mention they came across my TikTok videos and reached out via Instagram." She wouldn't have any of those opportunities if she did not love creating beauty-related content.

  6. Don't fake it. "I truly feel anyone can be successful on Tiktok if they stick to who they really are," Mia explains how people can tell if your videos are forced or superficial and we agree. If it doesn't come naturally don't bother creating it.

  7. Inspire others. Mia has built her platform off of inspiring her community. "My advice is to network, be approachable, and inspire them to create as well." The content that normally pops up on my 'for you page' are cat videos, funny pranks, and inspirational videos. There is truth to what Mia is saying.

  8. Network and collaborate. If you want to boost your video on TikTok collaborate and perform 'duets' with one of your favorite TikTok makeup artists. Collaborations are key.

  9. Retention time counts! Mia creatively comes up with new ways to capture her viewers' attention at the very beginning of her videos. This can help your video be boosted on the #fyp on a wider scale.

We hope you've enjoyed this blog post! Check out our other blog post: "How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2020 - Advice From a Beauty Influencer."


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