Beauty Tips For People Who Wear Glasses

Glasses & Makeup

I personally know women and men that opt out of wearing makeup because of their glasses. There is a misconception of not being able to wear your favorite eye look due to the fact that glasses will somehow get in the way. However, there are many different creative looks you can still achieve. Makeup should be used to express yourself. Therefore, depending on your style they're many unique styles you can still come up with, here are some tips:

  1. Use an eyelash curler to keep your lashes from flaking on and hitting your lenses. By extending your lashes and using mascara creates an appearance of larger eyes. Larger eyes are known to be "more attractive and desirable." In this scenario, this tip will distract others from your glasses as well. We also recommend adding lashes such as, "Voluminous" from the Originated™ eye collection to achieve this everyday eye look.

  2. Apply primer around your nose to prevent your glasses from slipping. Even if you aren't wearing a foundation, primer prevents slippage. Also, by adding translucent powder over the primer can help the effect last longer.

  3. Use a yellow tone corrector or concealer to prevent the shadow your frame creates under your eye. This tip works best if your frames are dark because your frame can then reflect dark circles onto your skin. Using a yellow tone corrector or concealer helps neutralize the dark shadows by brightening up your eye.

  4. Wing eyeliner. Creating a wing eyeliner can create the illusion of a larger eye. It is recommended to use the color of your frame to guide your choice of the color of eyeliner.

  5. Colorful frames with a bold lip can brighten up your face. Complement your bold frames with a dramatic lip color.

  6. Disinfect your frames to prevent breakouts on your cheeks. By using alcohol pads or makeup remover to clean the outer areas of your frame can prevent and aid in acne healing.

  7. Tip for farsighted glass wearers: The lenses of your glasses might enlarge your eyes, this beneficial for individuals with small eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your eye makeup bold. The best makeup tips would be to use eyeliner on the inner and outer corners of your eye and to create a smokey look.

  8. Tips for nearsighted glass wearers: The lenses of your glasses might shrink your eyes and it can appear extremely smaller if your eye shape is either deep-set or hooded. (Learn more about your eye shape, here.) By investing in a thinner frame can help with this issue, however, a makeup trick would be to add light and neutral shades to your eyes to brighten them up. Also, by lining the lower waterline with nude or ivory will make your eyes to be slightly larger.

To learn more about the best beauty tips and tricks for your eye type, read: Understanding "Eye Spacing" & Makeup Tips For More Attractive Eyes.

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