Should Skincare and Makeup Be Refrigerated? - Skincare Mini Fridge Trend

Is owning a skincare mini-fridge just a trend or does this skincare invention actually provide value to your skincare or makeup routine? Beauty mini-fridges were created to sustain temperatures of 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while regular refrigerators are 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, skincare fridges are not meant to be cold, only cooled. Generally, these cosmetic refrigerators are designed to be super small in order to fit into places like your bathroom, bedroom, or car if needed. Currently, businesses like Urban Outfitters, Lowe's, and Best Buy have hopped on this beauty trend and are selling these popular beauty fridges direct to consumers for $50 to $60 USD.

Is a skincare fridge necessary?

The truth is no, it is not. Unless instructed to on the package, skincare products are not required to be refrigerated. However, in theory, keeping current products in a cooler setting might prolong the life span of that product and provide added benefits. 'Clean beauty' products that are labeled as 'natural' would benefit the most from a beauty refrigerator. This is because of the lack of preservatives in these products.

Skincare Fridge Benefits

There are skincare enthusiasts and some dermatologists that insist on using a skincare mini-fridge to chill their products. Although the majority of these claims have not been tested, they have said it has changed their skincare routine. Here are some of the benefits they've witnessed:

  1. By cooling skincare and cosmetic products, it can inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria.

  2. It not only feels better on the skin, but it is also absorbed better.

  3. It increases the ability to calm inflamed skin.

  4. It activates ingredients.

  5. Colder temperatures can possibly prevent nail polish from flaking.

Products I should refrigerate in my skincare mini-fridge?

  1. Gel-based products

  2. Toners (be cautious of alcohol-based toners like witch hazel)

  3. Facial mists

  4. Nail polish

  5. Eye creams

  6. Serums

  7. Moisturizers

  8. Eyeliners

  9. Eyebrow pencils

  10. Lipliner

  11. Facial rollers (Jade roller)

  12. Sheet masks

  13. Balms (Recommended because it melts easily, however, oil-based products are not ideal because it can solidify)

Products I should NOT refrigerate in my skincare mini-fridge?

  1. Lipsticks

  2. Oil-based products (Primers and cleansers)

  3. Foundation

  4. SPF sunscreen

  5. Concealer

  6. Setting powder

  7. Eyeshadow palettes

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