The Ugly Truth of Individual Eyelash Extensions

The idea of lengthening your natural lashes dates back to 1902. During the 20th century, Karl Nessler, a famous hairdresser and inventor created the concept of weaving artificial eyelashes and eyebrows together. Fast forward to the present day, we can confidently say individual eyelash extensions have come a long way with new advances and techniques on how to apply them.

There are many cosmetic perks to having lash extensions, such as:

  1. Lifting your natural lashes by adding volume.

  2. Enhancing your eyes and your look depending on the lash curl. (Example: C curl or D curl).

  3. Feeling more confident to go makeup-free.

  4. Ditching your mascara.

Besides the cosmetic perks, expensive cost, and high maintenance there are hidden dangers of eyelash extensions beauty salons don't want you to know. This is because lash extensions can cause major issues to your overall health and vision.

  1. Allergic reactions can occur because the glues and adhesives that are commonly used are toxic and filled with harmful chemicals. A majority of lash adhesives contain formaldehyde, which can cause a plethora of different allergic reactions (as explained in "Cosmetic and Skincare Ingredients That Cause Allergies and to Avoid.") Over time this can result in your eyelashes oozing and crusting. Formaldehyde is categorized as a carcinogen.

  2. The fumes from the lash adhesives can cause temporary to permanent loss of vision. Yes, you can go blind.

  3. If your extensions are applied wrong, you can end up with bald eyelids! When lash extensions are not applied correctly, the glue can tug on your natural eyelashes, thus resulting in them falling out. Britain’s College of Optometrists found that individuals would end up with traction alopecia, “where the hair falls out due to excessive tension placed on the hair shaft. As a result, this can damage the hair follicle which can slow down and even cease production of hair.

  4. Irritation and redness can occur. Irritation can lead to a condition called madarosis, which causes you to tug on them.

  5. Inflammation and swelling.

  6. Extensions can trap dirt and bacteria, leading to serious infections, including pink eye.

  7. If your lash extensions are NOT maintained properly, you WILL end up with mites on your eyelashes. Mites are microscopic, they eat dead skin cells.

The videos listed are very informative on the ugly truth and danger eyelash extensions can cause to your overall health and vision. Here are some tips on how you can be safe when getting eyelash extensions:

  1. Ask to see your lash technician's valid certification, if it is not already displayed on the wall.

  2. Call your lash tech ahead of time and discuss the ingredient list on the adhesive they use. Check for potential allergens like formaldehyde.

  3. To prevent bacteria and infection from spreading, communicate with your lash tech that good hygiene should be practiced. Before application, your lash tech should wash his or her hands thoroughly and wear gloves throughout the entire application procedure.

  4. Contact an ophthalmologist and your lash tech if you do notice signs of infection, an allergic reaction, or swelling.

What we recommend:

False eyelashes can benefit your natural lashes compared to mascara and lash extensions. It has been proven that over time, mascara can make your lashes weak. Overall, false eyelashes are a better alternative in order to reduce the impact on your natural lashes. It has been reported that occasionally applying false eyelashes compared to mascara and lash extensions can help your natural eyelashes grow to recover and grow thicker. Use ANY strip lash. We recommend the luxurious silk lashes collection ($8.99).

Please consider watching our video or reading "How to Apply Lashes."

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